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Braking Resistor


When it is desired to stop or slow down the electric motors suddenly, a resistor of suitable ohm and power must be connected to the brake terminals of the speed regulating inverter.

The regenerative energy produced by the motor causes the DC bus of the inverter to rise.

The excess voltage is converted into heat via the braking resistor and drops to the DC link normal level. The braking resistor is an ohmic load used in the drive to prevent the DC bus voltage from rising.

Advantages of aluminum braking resistor

* Compact structure with its small dimensions, cabinetless use and stylish design.

* High voltage isolation.

* High protection grade structure resistant to moisture, dust, solvents, water and solvents.

* Mechanical design resistant to mechanical impacts and vibration.

* With its internal structure with high heat conduction and aluminum outer structure that helps heat dissipation

long life and high efficiency design.